About Us

Our mission for over 40 years has been to maximize a child’s potential across all areas of development. We provide quality therapeutic care for children of all ages, from preschool through high school.

We believe the most effective way to nurture and encourage a child’s development is to educate those directly involved in the child’s daily care.

We are able to help both parents and school staff manage the problem behaviors where and when they arise.

Our well rounded team provides quality care that extends the child’s whole day. Our clinic staff specialize in working with students and families that are struggling at home.

Working with parents directly empowers them in the parental role making them more confident and understanding of their child’s needs. Often the transition home is one of the most difficult for children to negotiate. This contributes to undue stress on the families and can create back pressure on the schools themselves.

Parents may displace this frustration on the school team causing friction and stress on school staff.

By educating parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals, we can create therapeutic opportunities for students throughout the day, which will facilitate the goals of direct services.

We continually offer our therapists progressive educational opportunities to ensure the highest quality of care.

Passing that education on to school professionals instills a sense of empowerment and maximizes their role as educators.

This approach ensures that the whole child is being considered, going beyond pockets of performance and enhances the child’s overall potential.

We’re dedicated and passionate about our what we do.
Meet our leadership team.

Todd Stelik

Todd Stelik


Todd graduated from the University of Hartford in 1997 with a Degree in Occupational Therapy, and a minor in Psychology. Areas of particular interest include: integrating manual therapies with BioEnergetic treatments and lifestyle changes to promote health and wellness; treating infants and toddlers to remediate structural and energetic imbalances created by the birthing process and developmental stress.

Supporting people suffering from chronic pain and related emotional issues; and exploring nutrition’s role as it relates to internal states of balance and quality of life are all a passion.

Todd believes in the benefits of touch, and views the therapeutic process as a means of releasing the inherent corrective capabilities within each patient. He views the physical body as an integrated vessel in which emotion, spirit and life energy produce our individual experience. Imbalance in any area can lead us away from wellness and health.

Aaron Stelik

Aaron Stelik


Aaron graduated from New England Technical College in 1998 as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Additionally Aaron completed the NOLS Program which is an intensive outdoor leadership course designed to teach leadership, personal strength and endurance and respect for the environment. This experience has contributed greatly to his understanding of the innate abilities of all people.

Aaron specializes in the treatment of sensory integration dysfunction and working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with related behavioral challenges. He has spent many years working in the school systems, and has extensive school-based and clinical experience working with children and adults of all ages.

He enjoys working with children and adults, with a primarily focus on ages 2 through 12. In addition to individual therapy sessions, Aaron enjoys the benefits of working in small groups helping children navigate through social play in a controlled environment.

In addition, Aaron has developed in-house therapy sessions in an area Group Home for adults with significant developmental delays. This supports his understanding that all people, regardless of their age or ability, can benefit from sensory based therapy.

Sharon Meuller

Sharon Meuller

School Liaison

Sharon has been with Community Therapeutix for over 20 years! Through the years, her responsibilities have expanded as the company has grown. She enjoys the challenges presented by a company that is constantly growing and changing to best meet the needs of our patients.

Sharon is a problem solver and works tirelessly to keep things moving forward. She is a person who can wear many hats and performs all of her rolls seamlessly.

Katie Jones

Katie Jones

Clinic Receptionist / Administrator

Katie has been with CTX for over a year now as our clinic’s receptionist and administrator. She incorporates her experiences from working with larger medical and rehabilitation organizations, as well as her own personal medical training, to our small clinic.

At one time, Katie practiced massage and neuromuscular therapy while living in Georgia, worked as a residential counselor for a local behavioral and medical residential facility, and is a Certified Nursing Assistant. Katie will greet you with a smile at check-in and is always willing to help our clients with any questions about our practice, the referral process and insurance.

Bobby Smith C.

My family was fortunate enough to have Aaron and Todd recommended to us over 7 years ago. Not only did they both help us as a family but their work changed my sons life. He would not be the 23 year old confident kid he is now of it wasn’t for them and the support and guidance they provided. We have all benefited from the services as a family and would highly recommend them to anyone

Rebecca D.

I love how kind everyone is in the office. They are great clinicians who are willing to look outside of the box to help their patients. Also, very patient and understanding of kids and their unique challenges and differences.


My son has seen both Aaron and Todd for quite some time these guys have helped him grow leaps and bounds. I was so impressed I started seeing Todd myself and am heading in the right direction! Staff is amazing feels like a second family best part my son doesn’t fight to see them everywhere else is a battle

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